Making space to craft


Dear Readers,

As mentioned, I wanted to share my new craft space!!

Although I’m sure my mother misses having me around the house, I’m sure she does not miss having all of my crafting bits and bobs strewn all over the house…

I can’t even begin to describe how surreal it is to have a house of my own. It’s a testament to the saying that hard work pays off, after all those years of study and endless hours of shift work I was able to buy my own place. And now I could turn what was once a closet into a lovely little craft nook.

I have a nice little desk for my sewing, and I decided to have all of my yarn collection on display up the top. Partly to stop myself from buying too much more yarn, although let’s face it that is still probably going to happen… and partly to help me choose my yarn more easily when starting new projects. I have the drawers and space at the top of the desk for all my odds and ends. The top drawer has scraps/balls of yarn that have just enough leftover for small pieces or embellishments. The cart lives downstairs and I try to only keep stuff in it that I’m working on/will help me with my current projects. And the rest of the house gets to stay relatively tidy!

That being said I have only been living here for less than two months, but I’m hoping to keep it this tidy as time goes on!

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your crafting spaces organised?

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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