Humble beginnings of a garden 

My backyard


Dear Readers,

I took these photos about a month after we moved in and had finally settled down with all the sorting out inside furniture and what-not. These are what I hope to be my “before” pictures for what will be a lovely little backyard.

I by no means have green thumbs, but I’m trying.

About half of all the seedlings and things I’ve tried to grow have not yielded any good results. But, I want to share the few little plants that are giving me hope.

I bought a windowsill sunflower kit that was in the “easy enough for your kids to grow” section at Bunnings – 8/12 thrived!

I also bought a few packets of seeds to grow Californian poppies. They were doing well, until all but one withered… at least the one is doing well!!

My other beacon of hope is my little terrarium that Kris made for me about three Christmas presents ago – still alive!!


I also visited my parents yesterday and took some photos of my dad’s ever-changing and awe-inspiring garden. Talk about garden goals…

Hopefully one day I can grow such beautiful things!

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo



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