Happy 2017


Dear Readers,

This little muppet has changed a lot of things around our home.

I’ve been on some much needed annual leave and honestly, I’m so glad I got the break. I really gave myself the time to be off and guilt free. I slept for most of the first two weeks, then when I had the energy I spent it with those who matter. I feel so much more like myself, and I’m finally ready to come back here too.

I wanted to wish you all a belated Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were kind, and don’t worry we’ll work off the wine and cheese.

2016 was actually a really big year for me. I took a few risks and made some amazing memories, from my ‘phils and chils’ trip (to the Philippines and then to Chile) where I met so much of Kris’ family and then got to introduce him to my grandparents – a priceless and perfectly timed trip, as sadly my Tata passed away not even two months after our trip. ThankfullyΒ he was fairly well while we were there and I know he was so happy to spend time with his granddaughters. ❀

My career has been so fruitful thus far, and I now have a permanent ward to call home that I love. I also had the opportunity to start my post-graduate studies so early in my career – a bit of a right place, right time thing. I’ve now been nursing for 3 years, and it has been such an amazing journey. I’m excited to see what 2017 holds as I work to finish my studies and continue to grow – I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to do so, with proper training, support and confidence from my seniors.

Probably the scariest and most exciting thing I did last year though was buying a house! And then going from living with my parents to living with my soulmate. It’s been bumpy at times, and we’ve had issues I’d never even dreamed of, but Kris and I are a pretty strong team. We’ve turned a shabby little rental property into a spunky little home, with a splash of paint, gorgeous new floorboards, real curtains and even air conditioning!! We’ve been learning how to share our lives so closely, and keep that balance between the often daunting adult responsibility (like how many different insurances can even exist and why is there always a new bill in the mail?!?!?) and enjoying every minute of our nearly mid twenties, keeping the romantic spark and the smiles on each others faces. He laughed at me a while back as he pointed out that we’re getting old, but we’re actually doing the thing where ‘we grow old together’. We’re living that dream.

And then we got a puppy!! How exciting and trying that is. As much as we would both want kids, I think puppy parenthood is a wiser choice for us for the time being. Kris still has three years left of his studies, and adjusting to the mortgage and bills is still quite fresh. Milo has brought such a joy to us though and it has been incredible to watch our little family grow. Kris is between semesters so he was able to be home with Milo full-time, and I was able to have a decent amount of time off while MiloΒ was still new to us. He is a Golden Retriever so he’s going to be a big boy. We also have a small backyard so it was a no-brainer that he would be an inside dog. We did the toilet training with it’s many sleepless nights, which has been a success (thank goodness!!), we’re doing puppy school and it seems we’re on the right track, and we have seen him grow so much so quickly! He even sleeps in our room now that he can climb the stairs. And since I had some time off I decided to make him an Instagram page, so if you’d like to see just how much he’s grown since we got him his Insta handle is @gold_milo.

What about my crafting? Ah, yes I have not forgotten about that! Although I have been busy making other parts of my life work, I’ve come back here to share the crafty side. I didn’t crochet for about two weeks after we got Milo, and gosh was that a shock to the system. It’s amazing just how much it helps with the chaos of life. I’ve gone back to it and feel so much better for it. I’ve got too many crochet projects at once, of course, and I’ve also been working on a cross-stitch project –Β it was originally an ambitious Christmas Present for my uncle who did up my dining table for me, but his birthday is in May so I might actually have some hope of finishing that in time! I’ll be sharing my progress soon.

Until then, I really do hope 2016 was kind to you and that 2017 will be even better! πŸ™‚

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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