This Blog

Once home to my teenage ramblings, this blog has grown up to be a tribute to my multi-project-itis. I love crochet most of all crafts, but I also love learning new skills. You can find many works in progress, and if I focus real hard you might even see some finished projectsΒ from time to time. I’ve dabbled in cross stitch, quilting and gardening as of late. I’m a home owner as of August, (yay!) and I’m really enjoying making stuff for my new home. So this place is somewhere for me to share all of that with you!

The Author

This is me, pictured below. My name is Amanda but you can call me Mandy.


Born March of ’93.
Registered Nurse πŸ™‚
Food lover.
Avid crocheter.
Chilena, born & living in Australia.
Happily off the market πŸ˜‰