(directed by current Public Health- policy subject to change)


*Instructor/assistants will check own temperature prior to craft class.

*The temperature of each attendee will be checked on arrival to class, prior to entering venue.

*Staff will wear disposable apron for sessions. This will be removed and disposed appropriately between sessions. Hands will be washed thoroughly after removal of aprons.

*There will be no ‘waiting area’ inside. Please appreciate safe and social distancing when leaving or collecting your children.

*Any persons displaying ‘covid19’ symptoms, (temperature, continued cough or change in sense of smell) will not be able to attend class. This includes staff and attendees.

*If symptoms are displayed during a class then appropriate arrangements will be made that the person will be taken home at the earliest opportunity.

*Hands to be sanitised with approved hand gel (or washed thoroughly as per DOH guidelines):

 -prior to class

 -prior to eating/drinking

 -prior to home time

 -after outdoor play

 -after bathroom visits

 -after coughs and sneezes.

-after handling waste disposal.

-after cleaning the venue/ equipment

*Effective hand washing will be promoted and encouraged, as per Public Health technique at all times.

*Alcohol gel and hand wash will be freely available for use.

*The venue/ bathroom facilities/ equipment will be cleaned and sanitised between each session and at the end of the day.

*Social distancing will be adhered to, as is reasonably possible. For this reason the number of people per class is limited.

*Infection control strategies will be reviewed daily to comply with government regulations.

*Venue will be ventilated daily, as weather conditions allow.

*Outdoor sessions will be encouraged, weather permitting.

*Sharing of food/ drinks not permitted.

*Children will be encouraged to use alternative ways of showing affection, ie waving or air high-fives (no kissing permitted).

*Outdoor clothing/ bags to be left in designated area.

*Cups/ plates used will be washed in a dish washer after each use. Disposable items will be used when possible.

*Face mask wearing is mandatory for teens and adults in the venue, unless deemed medically unable to.

*Currently children do not need to wear masks.

*Persons attending are to adhere to social distancing as per EBP and as is reasonably possible.

*Cleanliness will be encouraged. Any coughs/ sneezes should be caught in a tissue or sleeve of the person in question, and tissues immediately binned.

*Soft furnishings will be kept to a minimum. Any soft furnishings will be washed at least weekly in a washing machine at a high temp.


*All persons attending will be required to leave a contact number and address to allow effective communications if required.

*If serious infection is suspected/confirmed, relevant bodies (Public Health, NHS Helpline) will be notified to ensure proper protocols are followed.

*Attendees at MandyMakes will be notified immediately if an infection risk is declared by health professionals.


*As a minimum frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down with an effective disinfectant at least twice daily (bathroom, door handles, light switches, work surfaces…)

*Visible dirt will be removed with hot soapy water, then areas will be washed again with an appropriate cleaning solution/ household bleach.

*Disposable cloths used as much as possible in a ‘one site, one wipe, one direction’ method.

*Mop heads will be used once, then washed and dried thoroughly before used again.

*Mop buckets will be rinsed and left to dry after each use.

*Ventilation promoted as much as possible.


*PPE to be worn by the house keeper (disposable gloves and apron)

*Wash hands and wrists for at least 45secs after removal of PPE.

*All surfaces that the symptomatic person has come into contact with will be cleaned and disinfected- disposed of if possible.

*Cloths/mop heads used will be disposed of in normal waste immediately after use.

*When items cannot be laundered or cleaned, steam cleaning will be used

*Waste bagged, sealed and put in an appropriate place until removed at the earliest time.


*Each bin will be bagged.

*Each bin will be foot pedal operated only and must be used only in this way.

*Rubbish will be sealed daily and disposed to suitable area until collected.

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