Let me invite you to ART SCHOOL this summer. As pictured above you will see details for both the MINI MAKERS (5-9 yrs) and the AWESOME ARTISTS (9-12 yrs) sessions.

I love inviting the kids to my beach-side studio, to see them develop their creative skills and experiences whilst being nurtured in a dynamic and positive environment. The classes explore a broad range of art mediums from paint to print, clay to textiles, mixed media to collage and everything else in between so there is something for everyone! The programme is organised and planned but there is flexibility for participating kids to use their imaginations and execute their own creative interpretations on a subject, supervised.

But we do so much more!! We get PHYSICAL EXERCISE and on good weather days we go to the local beach and park. NATURE is appreciated and used as a source for inspiration and RELAXATION. We CELEBRATE CHARACTERS by rewarding kids for POSITIVE ATTITUDES such as kindness and teamwork. We spend time being MINDFUL, thinking of things we enjoy and are thankful for. Wholesome friendships are encouraged so the kids benefit from being CONNECTED with their peers. These activities compliment advice given by relevant research/ governing bodies such as NICE and MIND.ORG in a time when we have a greater appreciation of holistic health.

MANDY MAKES Art School is about building confidence and being creative in a safe and welcoming community of like minded friends. DON’T MISS OUT!

Mandy x

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