What a privilege and delight to create this ‘Mixed Media Story Box’ for my customer. The brief was to create an artwork as a special gift for his beloved dad ( and grand-dad) for his forthcoming 90th birthday.

The recipient was a Gentleman who had owned the newsagent shop, ‘W.J.Johnston’ in High Street Bangor, Co.Down where he had worked and delivered a service to local Bangorians for many years. His son wished to acknowledge the history of the shop, the building, and all the happy memories it represented and hence the commission was requested. And from one old photograph the bespoke artwork was curated.

In Perspective

This picture shows the newsagent shop in context. Local people may be able to see where the shop once was by the shops surrounding it. Many materials have been used to create this piece- oil paint, wood, cardboard, copper sheeting, acrylic pen, acetate, dried foliage and one black bead.

‘The Shop’

This is a close up of the finished artwork.Here you can see the 3-dimensional layering, textures and brushstrokes within the piece. The base was created with oil paint, wood and cardboard to craft the shop and the foreground was decorated with dried foliage and handmade details like the parking sign. The colour and textures depict and enhance the nostalgic ‘feeling’ of the work.

Finished Craft

And here it is – the finished artwork, unique and lovingly made. It measures approximately 35 by 50 cms, all set in a handmade frame from reclaimed wood. It comes with picture fittings and is ready to take pride of place on any wall or mantle piece.

Check my shop to see other similar works. I am open to commission requests. Prices vary as each picture is unique and depend on resources, size and time spent creating the bespoke artwork.

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